Iva Murray

Iva Murray, soprano

Iva Murray was born in the Czech Republic. Growing up, she sang at many events, including baptisms, weddings, etc. and also played piano and clarinet. She was always fascinated by opera singers and wanted to study voice, but her father was against it. After the revolution Iva moved to Germany, where she lived for five years, working first as a midwife and then as a registered nurse. In 1999, she came to the United States to visit her brother, a musician, who subsequently persuaded her to stay and perform with the rock band RAVENHOUSE, of which they are both still members to this day. Iva also returned to her passion for classical voice and began lessons with Davin Youngs and Kayleen Sanchez.

When not working on her classical repertoire or performing with RAVENHOUSE (with whom her talents also extend to keyboard and flute), Iva enjoys singing in musicals and has performed in the Czech musicals Pied Piper, Marilyn Monroe, Secret, and Madonna Mia. Additionally, Iva has also performed with various choral groups throughout the city of Chicago: Ecclesia, Old St. Patrick’s Concert Choir, FUMC at the Chicago Temple, Schola Laudis — The Monastery’s of Holy Cross Choir-in-Residence, and even Too Hot To Handel, the Jazz-Gospel Messiah. She has been a member of CCA since 2014.