Jon Siegel

Jon Siegel, bass

Jon has sung with CCA since 1998 and has served as President and a member of the Board of Directors.  Jon came to singing reluctantly by being drafted into a church choir after having admitted to singing in the shower.  As his appreciation for choral singing deepened, he has studied voice with John Giles, William Miller, Wayland Rogers and his spouse, Victoria Hellyer, who encouraged him to audition for CCA.  In addition to his passion for music, he attributes his love of choral singing in part to the connections it forms with other members of the ensemble, our audiences and with the multitudes of singers who have sustained the choral tradition for centuries.

In “real” life, Jon has been a member of the faculty at Northwestern University since 1981, teaching and studying the physiology of hearing. His research is focused on the delicate processes of the inner ear and how they become damaged by aging, toxic substances and exposure to excessive noise. He has been part of R&D teams that develop sensitive new diagnostic instruments that can detect early signs of the onset of hearing loss.