Yeji Yoon

Yeji Yoon, alto

yejiYeji Yoon has been a member of CCA since 2016.  She is currently a general/choir music teacher at Cambridge Lakes Charter School in Pingree Grove, IL.  She teaches K-6th general music and a director of middle school choir.  She studied piano with Professor Haguenaur at Indiana University when she was getting her BME at Indiana University Jacobs of Music.  She is also a flutist and has lots of experience with diverse choral ensembles from Indiana University.   Her favorite choral ensemble experience was Singing Hoosiers from Indiana University that has a tradition of excellence in the contemporary vocal arts, performing popular contemporary vocal music ranging from The Great American Songbook, jazz, Broadway, to the hits of today.

Yeji also enjoys teaching private piano lessons to her students as she gets to work with the students one on one more intimately.  Her passion lies on teaching and enjoys sending her students to piano competitions.  It is a great feeling hearing her students be motivated to practice!