Highlights from our Candlelight Christmas concert

full choir harpsichord KontrasSome of our favorite moments from the Saturday, December 5, Candlelight Christmas concert at St. Sylvester Catholic Church, captured by photographer Paul Crisanti
4 soprani
CCA rear view St. S pre concert
CCA concert singing in aisles with candlesCathy straightens Michael's tieChristine KelnerCostello conducting 1Ed Frazier DavisCostello tuning harpsichordCharpentier instrumentalrehearsal in aisles

Josh Pritchett

sandwich board

Costello conducting 2 hands up

Kontras Quartet intermission

Kyle Cothern

Mandy SheltonGina Meehan

Ngaire Whiteside-Bull

Robyn Emma Ngaire Iva
Costello conducting with pinkie
Josh Michael G. Ed Gaye PeggyGreg Rohlfing

Costello conducting from harpsichord

audience applause